To mom with love 2024.

To mom with love I will not forget Galletti will not forget your lap warm and your eyes Alahnountan Oh how I remember your prayer for me and you on the prayer carpet and you are you claim me to have maybe my Lord and how to forget of stayed the night in patients with melancholy and Dmatk to Atnqta even emerging dawn or lordy how to express to you how My love for you and I hope to live kneeling under Kdmiki Lord and believed that Paradise is under the feet of mothers

God save our mothers and bless them

Thanks my brother for this amazing paragraph

I hope to see your other paragraphs next time without arabic words

thanks again

realy nice words ,, to the most precius person..
thanx.. lets see more from ur creative pincel
God bless you my dear brother Ashraf

A really nice words that worth its weight gold

god save our mothers and all Muslims mothers


my respects

I thank everyone on the passage and you the most beautiful greeting

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